The East-Asian Community and the Earth Federation

With all likelihood, we can say that the many problems prevailing in this world are man-made disasters, caused by a disdain for nature and learned selfishness.


And the outstanding theme to help solve this problem is to recover our humanity through harmonizing with and recurrence to nature, which must be the basic condition to accomplish different goals. By promoting new village and town revitalization projects along with an Earth-conscious will of the people, based on the above theme, we can attempt to create model cities (villages and towns) to become miniature models of a new country, later extending the project to the East-Asian Community, including the Far East, to give rise to the Earth Federation structure, substituting the United Nations, based on the Asia-Pacific region as a whole.


The United Nations, with no ability to adjust to political alterations of participating countries has already finished its phasing role, and an organization with political adjustment functionality (the Earth Federation) is more relevant in this day and age.  We are entering an era with a need to promote serious deliberations for the realization of the Earth Federation, where of citizens of this planet Earth must transcend the barriers of national interest.


The East-Asian Community by way of the strategic arrangement of go stones to realize the Earth Federation, should not be a community created by each nation’s political interests, but should be one created with international mutual assistance by the will of the people.  Any political expectations of specific nations or the influence of big businesses must not be involved.


Therefore, the ideal “East-Asian Community” should be promoted based on the Earth-conscious will of the people as citizens of Earth, and the network for intercity exchange made by those people.  Communities should not be the current conventional ones, owned and run by nations.


For example, if there are 40 main cities in Japan, and the 40 cities made networks with 40 main cities in 40 other countries in Asia, there would be a total of 1,600 intercity networks constructed starting from Japan.  We can develop mutually assisted networks among the private sector and in economic realm in the future.


The 40 cities that would represent Japan would not be much different from other Asian nations on an economic scale.  An exchange among private sectors in cities in Japan and other Asian nations, real cultural exchange and real international contribution, such as knowledge of various techniques and know-how, can create networks for international cooperation.  As a big power in Asia, Japan can provide our technical resources and know-how, to contribute to the development of smaller Asian nations.


The new East-Asian Community should not be built on a foundation of certain big businesses or political expectations, but it should be built based on an intercity-exchange network with the background of mutual-assistance and cooperation among private sectors that have Earth consciousness that transcends national boundaries.


The “East-Asian Community,” which is built based on intercity networks created by private sectors, will become a miniature model of the new UN-like organization, the Earth Federation. Therefore, it is clear that the “Earth Federation” will be created based on the “East-Asian Community.”


 (Wording: Nakamura, Representative Director)