Vision of the Universal Pacific Council (UPC)

To solve various problems prevailing around the world, such as environmental destruction, food and population problems etc., several international organizations, including the United Nations, have been holding serious meetings to tackle these issues.  However, at present, the many problems that we face on this Earth have created something of a deadlock, where we cannot depend on political measures led by the advanced nations.


These are man-made disasters, caused by a disdain for nature and learned selfishness, and there is no future for the Earth unless these critical problems are solved. We think that the most important thing to revive the sick Mother GAIA, and for human beings to live together peacefully, is to recover our humanity through harmonizing with and recurrence to nature.


The Universal Pacific Council (UPC) promotes new Country-Revitalization projects based on “Man-Revitalization and Man-Creation,” with the basic policy of “Recovery of Humanity” achieved by the “Harmonization with Nature” and “Recurrence to Nature,” toward realization of an ideal society, where human beings and the Earth live together in peace.  We are a think-tank network, aiming to create model cities (villages/towns) as miniature models of new countries by cooperating with NGOs, NPOs, local governments and individuals that have transcended their social position and environment and agree with our views.


Let us gather our forces as “Citizens of Earth” transcending the framework of industry, academy, government and the private sector, minus the influence of rights and interests, and create the movement of revitalization of villages, towns and countries, which starts from human revitalization, which can be realized only by the private sector.



                    Universal Pacific Council (UPC)

                                                              Chairman : Takasada Nakamura